Creative at heart, designer by trade, people manager by choice.

Creative at heart, designer by trade, people manager by choice.

Creative at heart, designer by trade, people manager by choice.

Creative at heart, designer by trade, people manager by choice.

Jenn Vo is a design leader with a passion for creating impactful products and strengthening design teams. With over 15 years of experience in the physical and digital design field, Jenn has a proven track record of developing teams, building products, and implementing systems. Her primary focus is helping companies unlock the benefits of a well-functioning design organization.

Throughout her career, Jenn has had the opportunity to work with a wide range of companies, including Fortune 500 companies, award-winning agencies, and innovative startups. These experiences have shaped her work ethics, fine-tuned her creative process, and instilled in her a commitment to human centered design and a dedication to delivering exceptional products. With a focus in e-commerce, SaaS, and subscription services, Jenn is an expert in storytelling throughout the end-to-end journey in a way that connects people to products. 

"In the early days of ChowNow much of our design work was done by an outside agency. A couple years ago we decided to bring the work in-house and begin the process of building an internal design agency. Jenn joined us right at that point, as Director of Design, and was tasked with leading our young design team and spearheading the transition.

Looking back, that was one of the best decisions we’ve made. The design team has flourished under her leadership, our design work has vastly improved and the way we think about design as a whole has risen to an entirely new level."

Chris Webb,
CEO & Founder, ChowNow

Jenn's true passion lies in optimizing and scaling design organizations. She is driven by the need to bridge gaps between teams through design and help businesses discover a design operation that is tailored to its unique needs. As a design leader, Jenn's leadership style is rooted in empowering individuals to find their creative voice and fostering their confidence. She firmly believes that design is an interdisciplinary practice and is dedicated to cultivating productive and inspiring work environments where teams can thrive and achieve their full potential.

"Jenn has been a high value addition to our organization. She's had an extremely positive impact despite many challenges and has emerged as one of the key leaders in the company. Her peers appreciate her "can do" attitude and ability to solve hard problems, create better work processes, establish better relationships with other teams, and drive toward higher quality design. She has the trust and respect of the product leaders and has helped turn around what could have become a negative environment. There is a universal belief that she adds increasing value over time, especially around driving innovation."

Eric Dahl,
VP, Growth, HiRoad

Beyond her role as a design leader, Jenn is also deeply passionate about coaching others in the design industry. As a design leadership coach, she provides personalized guidance and support to individuals and teams, helping them overcome challenges, develop new skills, and reach their professional goals. Jenn's coaching style is collaborative, empathetic, and tailored to the specific needs of her clients. Her wealth of experience, profound expertise, and genuine commitment to coaching and mentorship make her an ideal partner for those seeking to elevate their design leadership skills.

"Jenn's leadership and guidance has enabled my work to be more collaborative and fulfilling. I feel that my work now has more impact than I've ever felt in my career–this has changed how I go into work everyday and how I approach any project. I now have more ownership, pride, and enjoyment in my work!"

Irene Lee
Art Director